your smile fades in the summer
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i’m not having a baby, i got my period

i wasn’t as worried as i should’ve been though. this person is a fucking mess and an idiot but for some fucked up reason he makes me feel safe idk

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Anonymous: Do you feel pregnant?

I DON’T KNOW ??? never been pregnant before

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Anonymous: No it won't i am not a bitch like you you have to be politer to me yo know...I am the one who said you are a piece of shit.

i hope one day you’ll have more interesting things happening to you in life than disliking a person on the internet so much that you feel this urge to send them hate, lmao

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theworldhasdied: How old are you? just wondering

i seem too young to act so trashy, right?

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i realized that i might be pregnant from precum so idk

ive actually been laughing eversince like lmao at least i’ll have an excuse for killing myself thanks for the early birthday present fave classmate 

i’d love a “little” drama right now tho

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Anonymous: You're not a cold bitch. You're a lovely soul who deserves to be happy

thanks mom

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i officially don’t feel anything at all again

good to be back to being a cold hearted bitch

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